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Association Member

10 employees or less – $225/yr. – PURCHASE NOW
11+ employees or more – $400/yr. – PURCHASE NOW

Benefits include:

  • Listed in Mill Creek Business Directory as a member
  • Listed as “Member” on website
  • Right to vote and be elected on the Board of Directors
  • May bring employees to any MCBA function at the member price



Make even more of your membership by adding a sponsorship!  Sponsorship means advertising and additional promotion for your business!

Bronze Sponsor

$500/yr.  –  PURCHASE NOW

Listed as “Bronze Sponsor” on website.  In addition to Association Member Benefits, Bronze sponsorship includes:

  • You may choose from ONE of our event options to be a “featured sponsor”, such as our Monthly Luncheon, After-Hours Event, Morning Coffee or any prearranged event.
  • Wall framed Sponsorship displayed
  • Scheduled 5-minute presentation about your company
  • Marketing material on our display tables
  • Four free lunches

Silver Sponsor

$750/yr. – PURCHASE NOW

In addition to Bronze Sponsor Benefits, Silver sponsorship includes:

  • Listed as “Silver Sponsor” on website
  • Acknowledged by President and/or Host at all MCBA events
  • Acknowledgement for sponsorhsip by the MCBA on printed material
  • Six free lunches

Gold Sponsor

$1,000/yr. – PURCHASE NOW
In addition to Silver Sponsor Benefits, Gold sponsorship includes:

  • Listed as “Gold Sponsor” on website
  • Company banner displayed in MCBA meeting room
  • Company banner displayed at Mill Creek Festival
  • Eight free lunches

Platinum Sponsor

$1,500/yr. – PURCHASE NOW

In addition to Gold Sponsor Benefits, Platinum sponsorship includes:

  • Listed as “Platinum Sponsor” on website
  • Ad on website (size 289 x 289 pixels) with link to website
  • Ten free lunches

Please note:  If you are an interested citizen that would like to be a member of the Mill Creek Business Association, you may join at the Association Member rate, however individuals will not be listed in the business directory.


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